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      “Truck Taxi” the name itself defines the cargo services which lagging in domestic market. That case there is no proper services for customers to lifting the cargos. Here we will sort out the issues in service problem hence “Truck taxi” has to be operated as call taxi procedure. It gives more benefits to the consumers and also mini truck owners. “Truck taxi” is acting as bridge to consumers and mini truck owners and gets benefits mutually.


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      • Gets the mini truck by even one call
      • Proper common identified telephone Number.
      • Easy availability wherever they wants
      • Affordable price by meter monitoring
      • Attractive hour package tariffs

      Availing porter services Proper time management.

      Prompt time delivery Controlled unique services.

      Immediate attention to the caller.

      Speedy activity to fulfill the consumer requirements.

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      “Truck taxi” the concept itself tells that the project driven by call taxi method, that means easy availability at phone calls and prompt tariff package to the consumers as well as regular works and more earnings to the mini truck owners/drivers.

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      This venture services all areas of Coimbatore and is looking to expand operations in the near future. Over the course of its journey, it has earned countless testimonials and praise-worthy reviews for its impeccable moving services from its loyal base of customers.

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      Specialising in residential and commercial moving, Truck Taxi in Ramanathapuram is committed at ensuring that all transported goods reach their target destinations.

      Got kind of tired packin' and unpacking town to town and up and down the dial. Wouldn't you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go where everybody

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